Meet The Team

Matthew Saus

Our Chairman

Kwanini, why, is my favourite question. Being part of the tourism industry on Pemba Island is how it all began for me. As the CEO/part owner of the Manta Resort and Underwater Room, I believe we have a huge responsibility that requires commitment in getting involved and contributing to Pemba Island. The island is still unexploited by tourism on a social level, but the tipping point is near and the future of the island depends heavily on the impact that tourism will have. The Kwanini Foundation has articulated a vision for the future of Pemba and found common belief in this pursuit. Our aim is to continue developing sustainable strategies for Pemba Island's future tourism. This has the potential of securing a brighter future for the whole region. I split my time between Pemba, Arusha and Sweden and am a keen scuba diver and golfer and have a great passion for conservation projects.

Roland Cronshaw

Chief Operations Officer

A diving holiday to the Manta resort in 2016, introduced me to the tranquillity of Pemba island. Meeting the locals in the villages and watching the soccer matches at the local school gave me a better understanding of the hardships and issues faced by many of the islanders in their day to day existence. At the same time, I was introduced to the Kwanini Foundation. Three more visits over the next year, allowed me the opportunity to experience ‘first-hand’ the work that the Foundation was doing. I became a volunteer working on some of the projects along-side the local ‘Kwanini family’ and in meetings with local communities. I truly believe in the Kwanini ethos of working with the people to assist them to protect their livelihoods. I look forward to helping expand the Foundation, work with the Pemba Island people and, with the help and support of other volunteer’s world-wide, improve the conservation and environment on the island whilst improving the livelihood of the local communities.

Lynne Barratt

Director Conservation and Environment

I have been privileged in my long career as a marine ecologist to visit, and work, in a some very special places all over the world. I came to Pemba for a family holiday in 2016 and I was struck not only by its charm but by the significance of the coral reefs. Having travelled the world extensively, I have seen rarely seen a more deserving opportunity to conserve these exceptional examples of coral reefs and the plants and animals that depend upon them. Programmes like the BBCs Planet Earth have shown us how marine life is being affected by sea level warming and plastic pollution, and we have lost one third of the world’s coral reefs since 2014. I am excited about taking on the conservation and environmental challenges which we know exist on this beautiful island and in doing so, hopefully, make a positive contribution to the future of Pemba.

Paul Harrison

Director Partnerships

I am a seasoned consultant, nature conservationist, nature business entrepreneur, Swahili speaker and former U.N. official based in the Cotswolds, a rural part of the United Kingdom. I have spent many years living and working overseas, especially in East Africa where I first visited Zanzibar in 1996 and then spent three months living and studying there. I ventured onto Pemba Island in early 2018 where I met the Kwanini Foundation team. Due to my background, I bring a unique political, financing and technical strength to the nature conservation sector of Kwanini. I see the Foundation as an important facilitator for a combination of marine ecosystem conservation and local economic growth in Pemba, which is an enchanting island with great, unspoilt natural beauty with wonderful coral habitats, fisheries and coastal forests.

Zahor el Kharousy

Director Governance

I work in the Fisheries management sector in Zanzibar, where I am from, and I am involved in the Kwanini Foundation because of my appreciation of the Pemba underwater heritage and the need for it to be protected and restored before it gets lost forever. Kwanini is important for me because of the research and community work the foundation does. I see the Foundation making a difference through the application of best practices in community-based conservation and ensuring that the Pemba underwater heritage empowers its people.

Non Executive Committee


Assistant to VC

I have taken on the role of as Assistant to the Vice Chairman as I am interested in the community development and participation side of the Kwanini Foundation. I want to ensure through education and awareness programs that the communities can implement the policies and strategies of the Foundation and therefore maximize the end result, for their benefit. I have been working in the villages of Wete District and Pemba North Regions in supervising the human rights affairs within the communities. I am looking forward to continuing my work with the village communities of Pemba and making them aware of the Foundation and the opportunities it can provide them with.

Juma Bakr

Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer

I am from Unguja and currently work at the Manta Resort as the Operations Manager. I am involved in the Kwanini Foundation because I like working with people and I am passionate about the natural environment; therefore, the conservation aspect is important to me. I feel I have the chance to be part of an organisation which will raise awareness of nature amongst both the people of Pemba and those who visit the island and can take that message away with them. Mindfulness and fitness are a big part of my life and I practice yoga and physical training daily. I also very much enjoy learning languages and have so far mastered Swahili, French, English and German.

Natalie Andersen

Principal Marine Ecologist

I am a PhD student studying climate change resilience and restoration of the coral reefs along west coast of Pemba. I live in Brighton in the UK and first came to Pemba because I had been told the coral was amongst some of the best in the world (which is true!). As part of the Kwanini Foundation I would like to help with educating the people of Pemba about how valuable their natural resources are. I want to ensure the communities can to continue to benefit from the sea and land whilst preserving the marine and terrestrial environments. As well as having a love for all things marine (particularly sea slugs!) I love reptiles and cats.

Lauren Jefferies

Principal Marine Ecologist

I am a South African environmental consultant and researcher who first came to Pemba to assist with the marine conservation element of the Kwanini Foundation. Through this, I’m hoping to gain experience in researching Pemba’s world class coral reefs and how they grow and change over time. To assist with this, I am setting up a Citizen Science programme to get the public involved in data collection. I also hope to educate more people on the importance of what the Foundation is doing in Pemba. I see the Foundation as helping sustainability and growth within the local communities of Pemba through education, conservation and support of local infrastructure projects, a way to build a better life for the people of Pemba.

Ross Cronshaw

Creative Consultant/Head of Training

It was on a diving holiday to Manta that I was first introduced the breath-taking natural world of Pemba’s environment, on land and beneath the waves, in addition to the beauty of the island’s local people and communities. Upon meeting Chairman Matt Saus, learning of Kwanini and the all-important question “kwanini?” (why?), one cannot help but feel enamoured with the project and the goals of the foundation; visiting local communities and immersing oneself in the landscapes and underwater world of Pemba island, observing first-hand the threats posed to both, and considering this all-important question truly emphasises the importance of the Kwanini ethos that it is vital for the worldwide community to work together in helping protect and rejuvenate this important island community.
As a PhD student and avid media hobbyist, and having spent the last year working on the Kwanini training programme for local team members on the ground, I assist the Foundation by writing, producing and implementing training modules as well as editing creative content for social media and the website. Public interest, our local team members and donations are the lifeblood of the foundation; developing material that hooks potential donators and providing a detailed and thorough training programme are both vital to ensure Kwanini will thrive and continue to support the local environment for years to come.


Assistant to the Director of Community Development

I am from Pemba Island and am therefore interested in the concept of the Kwanini Foundation as it aims to conserve the natural resources of Pemba for future generations. I strongly feel that in order to effectively conserve these natural resources we must involve the community as a whole in the process of conservation, which is what Kwanini is working to achieve. I am excited that the Foundation is working to help local people understand the importance of conservation. I hope that if we work together with the local community, the fisheries and other stakeholders the end result will be the development of the whole society at large.


Community Development Officer

I work as a service fundi at the Manta Resort and am involved in Kwanini because I am interested in the “future” concept of the Foundation. I want to work with Kwanini to improve the level of education in local villages, which is something I am very passionate about. I believe education should include environmental awareness, as well as academic ability. I hope that through education programs we can contribute to the conservation of the important coral reefs which surround Pemba. I have set up, and continue to run, a voluntary afterschool class in my village of Kijijini to help local children with learning Swahili, English and Maths.


Local Liaison Officer, Pemba

My name is Abdulrahim. Currently 28 years old, and holding a degree in Economics, I joined Kwanini around November 2019 as an assistant to the Project Officer as a volunteer worker. I greatly appreciated this chance to work with Kwanini as I feel affinity with the goals of the organisation. I’m working tirelessly to help ensure the Foundation's efforts reach our community and ensure the sustainabiltiy of the marine world. It is my pleasure to havebe part of a civilized, economically advanced, and environmental-loving community. I believe in working together to ensure our goals are attained, as per the Kwanini motto; “ if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” regardless of how far it is, but ‘’together we can’’