Kwanini at work

At the Kwanini Foundation we believe passionately that science and information should be used to support and underpin decision-making. So, we have developed an exciting portfolio of projects over the last five years. Many of them are long-term projects designed to gather data over different seasons and conditions so that we can really tell what changes are happening to our habitats, species and the environment.

All our projects are directly linked to our strategies to deliver our conservation objectives, environmental benefits and improve social cohesion. We would very much welcome your support either in general to support our research and community development activities or you can elect to support a specific project – like our coral reef restoration programme. If you would like to fund a particular project, then please let us know by filling in the relevant section on the form in the Contact Us part of the website.

As we progress we will be posting our data and telling you a bit about what it means either here on Our Project’s page or for more in-depth studies you can check out relevant reports in the Downloads section of the website.

Our Current Projects