Welcome to our exclusive image gallery packed with stunning photos related to our projects, the people of Pemba and the stunning sea life of Pemba island. Our gallery is constantly being updated to give you the best visual ideas and inspiration of the work the Kwanini Foundation is doing every day.

Leaf scorpionfish

The leaf scorpionfish, an ambush predator, mimics a dead leaf by swaying from side to side, but did you know that this venomous fish regularly sheds its skin, starting at the head?

Crown of Thorn

Invertebrates - Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns starfish gets a bad reputation for causing wide-spread destruction on coral reefs when its numbers reach plague proportions, known as “outbreaks”. But did you know that in low numbers, crown of thorns plays a vital role in maintaining coral species diversity?

Corals – Acropora species

Corals of the genus Acropora are excellent reef builders and grow fast in comparison to other species of coral. However, their fragile structure makes them more susceptible to damage and we have also observed that they bleach more readily than other corals.

Sea Slug

Sea Slugs – Chromodoris Africana

Nudibranchs, which make up the majority of the sea slugs in our gallery, are picky eaters. A species of nudibranch may eat only one type of prey, whether it be a coral, anemone, sponge or even other nudibranchs!

Fascinating Fish

Intriguing Invertebrates

Charismatic Coral

Nonchalant Nudibranchs

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