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Launch of the No Reef – No Fish – No Food Campaign

The Kwanini Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our No Reef - No Fish - No Food campaign

You may remember our previous article titled "No Reef - No Fish - No Food", which you can read here. We introduced the concepts surrounding our new motto, why we have chosen it, and the importance of helping others to understand it as a concept.

Head over to the link above to check it out; the article will give you an overview of the Kwanini Foundation's current (and future) plans to help protect the coral reefs around Pemba, as well as an explanation of the biggest threats we face and how we are working to combat them.

The coral reefs of the world are a vital resource for the survival of our ecosystems. Without doubt, the loss of coral reefs due to human impacts will have a negative effect on the populations of fauna in the oceans; in a community such as Pemba, this could be a drastic consequence.

Without healthy coral reefs, the fish populations will likely dwindle - in turn, the local fishermen will have ever-reducing intakes, causing a knock-on effect not only on their income but on the (current) main food source for the island's people.

The Foundation is therefore pleased to announce the launch of our "No Reef - No Fish - No Food" campaign on the 8th September this year; the campaign is an education programme focussing on working with local communities and community group representatives, working them through the difficulties faced by their local environment and providing both education and support, on the ground and remotely, to move forward into a more sustainable future.

The launch event took place at Makangale Secondary School, where Kwanini Foundation were represented by members of the Executive Committee and our Community Team. We were pleased to welcome members of the Kwanini Marine Protected Area Steering Committee, representatives from the Shehias of Makangale and Tondooni, as well as the District Commissioner, Mohammed Mussa Seif. The local media were also in attendance including Tifu TV, Channel Ten, A 24 online TV, and Jamii TV.

We will update our social media and website with more details of the campaign as it progresses, so keep an eye out!