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Vice-Presidential Visit to the Kwanini Foundation

The Kwanini Foundation is pleased to announce a visit by the honourable First Vice-President to discuss progress towards a blue corridor between Pemba and Mnemba

Last week Matthew Saus and Said Ali Mbarouk, the Chairman and Director of Community Development for the Kwanini Foundation respectively, were very proud to host a successful visit to our home and headquarters at the Manta Resort by the honourable First Vice President Othman Masoud Sharif for a presentation and discussion regarding the Foundation’s plans for a blue corridor. The Kwanini Foundation and Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries, in collaboration with private investors such as the Manta Resort and civil society, are pursuing an opportunity to develop a Blue Corridor between Pemba and Mnemba as a pilot phase leading to more comprehensive plans in the short to medium term. The objectives of such a corridor will be to promote environmentally friendly enterprises, business opportunities, and general use of the marine space while safeguarding the marine resources upon which such industries are based. The blue corridor will be a protected area which accommodates business activity signed up to a conservation agenda.

As the lead in the environmental affairs of Zanzibar, the honourable First Vice President was pleased to learn that the Foundation is developing these plans as part of a community-driven Blue Economy initiative. He was accompanied on his visit by the District Commissioner of Micheweni, representatives of the Department of Environment and other supporting dignitaries of the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries.

Matthew is also the chairman of the Pemba chapter of the Hotels Association of Zanzibar who, along with the Kwanini Foundation, are committed to supporting Blue Economy policy for Zanzibar wherever possible. The Kwanini Foundation recently wrote the terms of reference for the task force responsible for delivering a road map for implementing the pilot Blue Corridor.

This is a superb development for the Foundation, and one we are very proud to announce with excitement for the coming months.