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The return of the Gender Specialist team with a new team member

We are excited to announce the appointment of a new gender specialist, Asha, and the return of our team member Rabiya

We are excited to announce that Aisha, one of our Gender Specialists and a familiar face on the Kwanini Foundation website and social media, has received (and accepted) an exciting job offer from the Ministry of Health, in the departments covering Social Welfare, Gender and Children on Zanzibar as a Gender Specialist.

Not content with one achievement, we are also pleased to announce Aisha's wedding took place in February at her home on Pemba. The Kwanini Family would like to wish her many congratulations, and both success and happiness in her future endeavours; we look forward to hearing about her successes in the coming years!

Stepping up to take on the role left in Aisha's absence is our new team-member Asha, and she will be joined by our returning Gender Specialist Rabiya - also a familiar face to regular readers, we are very happy to welcome Rabiya back into the Kwanini Family after a short hiaitus caused by the current COVID restrictions. We are confident they will continue to facilitate easy relations between the Foundation and local women's groups, as well as help us continue to understand the vital role the coral reefs play in their local communities.

Concerning their role Rabia and Asha said; "we are really glad to be a part of Kwanini, we believe it’s a best point of sharing knowledge to create a strong base for the future and sustainability of Pemba and its people’’.

Congratulations to both Rabiya and Asha, we look forward to working with them both in the future, and a huge asante sana to Aisha who has provided such invaluable help to us over the past years.