Mnarani Primary School Football Donation Handover

The Kwanini Foundation was fortunate enough to be involved in a handover of kindly donated football shirts, footballs and pumps to the nearby Mnarani Primary School. The generous donation from Peg and Rob Nicholson was received with much excitement and thanks from the schoolboys and teachers.


Peg and Rob Nicholson first visited Pemba on holiday in the summer of 2018, staying at the Manta Resort. It was during this trip that they went out and visited the local government school, Mnarani Primary. The visit consisted of a tour of the school, meeting the students and talking to the school teachers and headmaster.

After their visit, Peg and Rob decided they wanted to further help the school. They have done this with a very generous donation of football shirts, footballs and pumps! A total of three sets of football shirts were donated. One personalised set for the school, featuring the school’s name printed on the front and the player’s number on the back. Training tops from Scotland’s Raith Rover’s made up the second and third set of shirts. The shirts were gifted alongside 11 footballs and two pumps.

Members of the Kwanini Foundation team visited Mnarani Primary School and were lucky enough to be involved in the handover of the donated items. After a brief chat with the headmaster, the shirts were handed out to boys of different age groups. No time was wasted, and shirts were immediately put on! Once all kitted up, the boys all proudly posed for team photos in the kits. No instruction or help was needed as the boys knew exactly how to pose having seen the professionals from their favourite teams do it! A short football match took place with a number of tricks and skills being displayed alongside a mixture of passes, shots at goal and saves. This match was just a warm up so keep an eye on our social media channels to be updated with the official scores!

Rob and Peg also gifted a monetary donation to the Kwanini Foundation. After a discussion with the headmaster of the school, it was decided this donation would be put towards sporting equipment for the school girls at Mnarani Primary School. The girls enjoy playing netball and so the donation will be used to purchase netball bibs and equipment. Watch this space for a further update!

The Kwanini Foundation would like to send a huge thank you to Rob and Peg Nicholson for their generosity alongside Brian Munro and the Rotary Club of Kirkcaldy, Scotland for sourcing the football shirts, footballs and football pumps.

If you are interested in donating to the Kwanini Foundation please send us an email at for more information or donate online via the link at the bottom of this article.